Welcome and Willkommen to our lively church family! Our congregation provides a place of worship and community for all German-speaking Protestants, regardless of denomination. On Christmas Eve in 1972 the first Christmas service in German in German was held in the chaple of Trinity College, then on Mount Sophia.

Now we’re celebrating our worship services every Sunday (except during the holidays of the German speaking schools) alternating between traditional services at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church and more family-oriented services at either the German European School Singapore or the Parsonage. And there are also special worship services for toddlers and their families regularly happening at the parsonage, so there is certainly something for everyone!

Every year, we offer a Confirmation class to prepare 13 to 14 year old boys and girls for their confirmation, as well as Pre-Confirmation classes for children in the third and fourth grade at the Swiss School and GESS. Every year we have a Children’s Bible Day together with our Catholic sister congregation. And we are the only German institution offering classes to become a Youth Leader (“JugendleiterIn”) and gain the German “Juleica” with full support of the German state youth organisations.

A highlight of our church year is our annual Community Fair. Two wonderful musical groups are enriching our church life: a gospel choir and brass band (Posaunenchor), so if you like to sing or play a brass instrument, you are welcome to join in, rehearsals are in English, by the way!

Our congregation regularly supports two local charities, one is “Humanitarian Organization for Migration Econimics (H.O.M.E.)”, the other “Grace Haven”, a home for children and youth by the Salvation Army.

Every German speaker is welcome to join our congregation, celebrate our German Sunday services with us or ask for spiritual counselling. We consult and accompany people during festive events like baptism, confirmation and marriage ceremonies.

On the page > ”Mitglied werden“ you can find information on membership and donating possibilties.

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Your pastor Martina Klein